ADW Detection System

We have an exclusive ADW detection system which is the result of many years of research and is specially developed for application in high hazard, highly critical industrial applications along with fire suppression system of special nature. This is a next generation, innovative product with amazing fire detection capability and works brilliantly with thermo-pneumatic detection devices to locate critical fire in hazardous areas.

Linear Heat Detector

Linear heat detection unit consisting of an evaluation unit for connection, one or two sensor tube(s) with individually configurable differential and maximum temperature evaluation. The mode of operation is based on the expansion in volume in a pneumatically sealed sensor tube and the associated increase in pressure resulting from the warming of air. This pressure is constantly monitored by a fully-electronic pressure sensor and compared and evaluated by a microprocessor with alarm scenarios. Depending on the atmospheric conditions different materials are used for the sensor tubes.

  • Response behaviour is set in accordance with EN 54-22 (heat detector class A1I, A2I, BI…GI) & depending on UL/FM with pre-alarm signal, main alarm signal & fault evaluation.
  • Dynamic monitoring of the thresholds (Dynamic Heat Watch) to avoid unwanted alarms.
  • Automatic testing of the sealing of the sensor tube in accordance with EN 54-22
  • Ethernet interface for connecting a PC tool as well as for networking and for fine tuning the system
  • Response behavior is calculated by means of software
  • Serial interface for PC connection for detailed analysis and individual on site adaptaion.

Our team has the capability to develop highly critical fire suppression systems for high hazard process industries, refineries, hydro carbon storage tanks & many such applications.