Wet Chemical Extinguishing System

Restaurant Fire Suppression System / Wet Chemical Extinguishing System

NFPA – 17A

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are specifically designed, tested and approved/listed to provide fire protection for commercial kitchen cooking appliances, hoods and ducts. These are classified as wet chemical pre-engineered fire suppression systems and can be found in all types of commercial cooking and food service facilities such as restaurants, retail food courts, diners, sports complexes, convenience stores, school cafeterias, fast food chains, hotel kitchens, food service kitchens etc.

Sharks can assist you with choosing the right fire suppression system for your specific kitchen application. Our product offering includes all major systems currently available in the market. We can design, install and service your system. In the event of a discharge, Sharks can recharge your system, so that you are able to resume business with minimal interruption.

Sharks offers systems of top manufacturers of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems such as Ansul, Amerex and Kidde. Our engineers are fully trained to design, install, test and maintain restaurant suppression systems.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are UL listed as a complete system consisting of wet chemical fire extinguishing agent, agent tank, agent discharge nozzles, releasing device, fuse link detection, manual pull station, and gas/electric shutoff device. They are designed to discharge a predetermined quantity of fire extinguishing agent in accordance with UL test criteria and listing. These systems are recognized by NFPA 17A under Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems.