Data Processing/Server Rooms

In today’s information and technology-driven world, a server room fire is one of the most catastrophic things that any business can face. When IT equipment that supplies critical data and makes day-to-day business operations possible is lost to fire, companies are faced with not only with the expense of structural damage and hardware replacement, but must also grapple with issues like downtime and information recovery. Taking steps to protect your data center against the ravages of smoke, heat and flame does more than just preserve your computer equipment – it helps to safeguard your entire business.

Fire Risks:

  • Electrical failure in IT equipment and branch circuits
  • Overheated electronics
  • Subfloor wiring malfunctions
  • Storage of flammable material

Kind of Protection Required

  • Early Detection System
  • Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers