Special Detection System

Special detection systems & products are used in our systems for typical fire hazard applications in process industries which includes:

LHS Cable Detectors

Linear Heat Sensing Cable is used in cable galleries, cable trenches and tunnels

Beam Detectors

Beam detectors are most suitable for large halls with high ceiling height such as Airports, Indoor Stadiums, Auditoriums and Assembly Halls

UV/IR Ember Detectors

UV/IR detectors are most suitable for moving fires such as coal conveyors.

Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors are preferred option for unmanned high hazardous chemical and explosive storage rooms where fire can turn into an explosion before normal detectors detect fire.


Ideal for aggressive environments, environments with high level of moisture including condensing moisture, areas where conventional point detectors cannot be used, outdoor area, areas that are long or large such as tunnels and car parks, areas with difficult access such as hollow ceilings