CO2 Fire Suppression System

CO2 Fire Suppression System suppresses fire by cooling and asphyxiating the fire, thus removing the essential oxygen and heat it needs. CO2 fire suppression systems are an ideal solution for local fire suppression applications. This agent is suitable for both local applications as well as total flooding. The CO2 fire suppression agent is one of the oldest and most effective fire fighting solutions and continues to enjoy popularity with clients. When designed correctly with all safety parameters, this fire suppression system is the most effective solution available for most applications.

CO2 fire suppression system rapidly cools the risk within the first minute of discharge, and an extended discharge removes oxygen and effectively INERTS the protected risk. When CO2 system activates, the agent becomes white as it condenses in a warm protected environment. The condensation clears overtime and the CO2 gas become invisible. Due to the colourless and odourless characteristics of the gas, it is essential to add odourisers to the discharge pipe network so that the agent is scented as the CO2 system discharges into the risk.

All gas suppression systems can be used for total flooding in rooms, halls and other protected areas. It can also be used for multiple locations as discharge can be restricted to the affected location to avoid unwanted discharge of extinguishing gas to unaffected areas.