Our Collaborations/Associations

our collaborations

We have forged strategic technical and commercial collaborations with world leaders in Fire Protection, Safety and Security. Some of them are:

Schrack Seconet AG


An Austrian high-tech company for fire alarm, communications and security systems, Schrack Seconet is an international leader in these fields. We are channel partners and authorised system integrators for Schrack Seconet’s 100% redundant Fire Alarm Technology.

FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG


A German company, FOGTEC, is the market leader for land based water mist systems. FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar. These water mist systems are not only 100% environment friendly but are often more effective than conventional gas or water fire fighting equipment. We are channel partners and authorised system integrators for FOGTEC’s water mist systems.

Nohmi Bosai Ltd.


A pioneer in the Japanese Fire Protection industry with over 90 years of experience. We have collaborated with Nohmi Bosai to offer our valued customers with Clean Agent Fire Suppression technology that is completely safe for humans, environment friendly and economical.

our Associations

We are proud members of the following industry bodies:

Maharashtra Fire Services


We are a licensed agency of Maharashtra Fire Services - A Government Body.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association):


A United States trade association, albeit with some international members, that creates and maintains private, copyrighted, standards and codes for usage and adoption by local government.

(Fire & Security Association of India):


A non-profit organization representing the Fire Protection, Life Safety, Security, Building Automation, Loss Prevention and Risk Management domain.

FPAI (Fire Protection Association of India):


Fire Protection Association of India was created in 1999 – 2000 to take up issues related to Fire Protection Industry in India.