Water Spray System

NFPA – 15

SHARKS specialises in the design and installation of water based special application systems which convert water into various molecular forms to suit critical applications. We help you protect equipment and property where application of water in powerful jet or sprinkler form is unsuitable. In such cases, engineering expertise is needed to convert water into scientifically defined molecules, which are applied on fire with the right velocity, in a controlled discharge at desired spray angles, to envelop the protected property or area with a medium velocity or high velocity water spray.

Medium Velocity Water Spray System

This system applies water in finely divided droplets at medium velocity. It is mainly used for fire protection of areas with fire risks from low FP flammable liquids (FP below 65° C) and also for extinguishing fire caused by water miscible liquids (polar solvents, alcohols etc.). It provides protection for tanks, structures, equipment, LPG Carousels, storage facilities etc.

The system consists of a large network of hydraulically calculated piping, deluge valves, isolation valves, MVWS nozzles, detection pipe network with quartzoid thermal detectors instrumentation, automation devices and control systems along with all associated fittings.

MVWS is generally used in oil based systems having low flash points. If the velocity of the water spray hitting the fire is high, it might actually spread the fire instead of extinguishing it. Hence, the velocity of the water has to be in range to achieve positive result.

High Velocity Water System

This is generally used for extinguishing fire in heavy oil or similar flammable liquids with a flashpoint above 65° C. The system projects water in the form of a conical spray with the droplets of water travelling at high velocity. Fire is extinguished using the three principles of emulsification, cooling and smothering.

Some of the water droplets while passing through the flames get converted into steam, thereby achieving the smothering effect. A high velocity spray of water is discharged through specially designed projectors. The system can be operated either manually or automatically.

Some of the worst fires in the history of fire fighting involved oil and similar inflammable liquids. Unless promptly tackled at the source, such fires can rapidly grow to catastrophic proportions, often with irreparable damage to valuable plant and equipment.

Applications & Scope:

  • Oil filled High Voltage Transformers
  • Storage Area of highly flammable liquids
  • Warehouses, storerooms, refineries, chemical, wastewater treatment plants and other industrial sectors.