Other Clean Agent System

IG-01 (Argon) System Fire Suppression Systems

IG-01 (Argon) extinguishing systems are based on the principle of reducing the oxygen concentration inside the protected hazard. Argon is quickly and uniformly distributed within the enclosure, achieving design concentration in 60 seconds and effectively extinguishing fire.

IG-55 (Argonite) System Fire Suppression Systems

IG-55 is an inert gas blend consisting of a 50:50 mixture of two gases, Argon & Nitrogen. IG-55 discharge results in a gas mixture with a density similar to that of air and extinguishes fire on achieving the extinguishing concentration.

IG-541 (Inergen) System Fire Suppression Systems

IG-541 is a colourless, electrically non –conductive gas with a density approx. same as that of air. It is an inert gas mixture consisting of Nitrogen, Argon & Carbon Dioxide. IG-541 extinguishes fire mainly by a reduction of oxygen concentration in the atmosphere of the hazard enclosure.

HFC227EA/FM 200 System

FM-200 is a clean agent system and is excellent for protecting valuable assets and sensitive equipment, making it far more acceptable for clean protection than Dry Chemical Powder and foam extingushant. It is a colourless, odourless gas that leaves no residue after operation. It is an electrically non conductive agent and can be applied safely on electrical and electronic equipment. It is environment friendly and will not deplete the atomosphere’s ozone and has a short atmospheric life time and hence is a part of EPA Snaplist of agents that are approved for use in total flooding & special hazard fire suppression systems.


This is a highly effective fire extinguishing fluid of next generation technology designed to balance industry concerns for superior performance, human safety and environment preservation.It is a long term, sustainable, green technology system with zero Ozone depletion potential, extremely low global warming potential and short atmospheric life time. It is an effective replacement for all Ozone depleting extingushants and offers a viable long term sustainable technology for special hazards fire protection.

*Tm (Novec 1230 is the registered trademark of 3M company)