Intelligent Addressable Fully Redundant Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system we offer is manufactured in Germany & Austria using the latest engineering technology and are 100% redundant.

Even a single fault in the circuit can affect the functioning of a fire alarm system. This is why we recommend a 100% redundant system which has two independent systems housed in a single fire alarm panel making it 100% functional even if a fault occurs in any of the circuits, as the system automatically switches over to the standby component which is ready to take charge at any time. This ensures that the fire alarm system remains functional even in the event of a fault.

Our system is fully EN-54 compliant and all components of the system are approved by VdS, Germany. This fire alarm system has numerous advance features which are not seen in many widely used international brands.

Main Features:

  • Microprocessor-controlled and monitored system topology.
  • Fully redundant system composition to ensure that the system remains fully operational, even in the event of a fault or in the event that one half of the processor unit fails.
  • Constant automatic test routines for all system components and programs.
  • Six line display for displaying the system status in plain text (alarms, faults etc.)
  • Acoustic and optical alarm notification for alarms and faults
  • Alarm buffering
  • Possibility to manually test the control panel and its functions
  • Plain text indication of individual detector and indicator zones.
  • Up to 15 external operating panels per control panel, the maximum distance -1200m
  • Operating panel language (labeling and display indication) can be selected and can be toggled between up to 4 languages while in operation
  • External device bus for up to 15 indication and operation devices.
  • Serial data log printer with UPS power supply, with an event memory and message filter.
  • Suitable for connection to the fire brigade‚Äôs public alarm notification system.
  • 11 free connection slots for modules (detector zones, inputs and outputs, relay etc.)
  • System configuration saved using flexible flash memory technology
  • Emergency power supply for a supply interruption period of 72 hours.

We get technical and product support from Schrack Seconet AG, Austria for Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems