Water Based Fire Protection Systems

Over the years, we have gained considerable expertise in design and installation of water based fire protection systems. Application of the right type of water based system and designing it with perfect engineering skill will minimize the need for other expensive fire fighting agents.

Ordinary premises can be effectively protected with a well designed and installed fire hydrant system by means of a powerful jet or spray through specially designed branch pipes and nozzles. Total protection of more critical areas can be achieved with a well designed and installed sprinkler system.

We also specialize in the design and installation of water based special application systems which convert water into various molecular forms to suit critical applications.

We protect hazards where water is not suitable in the form of a powerful jet or sprinkle and requires high - end engineering skills to convert water into scientifically defined molecules which are applied on fire with the required velocity, with controlled discharge at desired spray angles to envelop the protected object / area with a Medium Velocity Water Spray (MVWS) , High Velocity Water Spray (HVWS) or a fine mist of water/water with a unique combination of Nitrogen, popularly known as Water Mist System.