IG-100 (Nitrogen) System

Sharks- Nohmi NN100 System

NN100 system employs nitrogen gas, an agent that constitutes 78% of air. This system exhibits superior performance in fire suppression and inflicts zero harm on environment and humans making this the fire suppression solution of the future.

Zero ODP and Zero GWP

NN100 System has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential since it uses nitrogen gas which naturally occurs in air (78%) as a fire extinguishing agent.

Zero toxicity for Humans

Does not use CO2 or Halocarbon, so no risk of producing hydrofluorine – a toxic gas even in contact with heat or flame

Low Refill Cost

Uses Nitrogen which is easily available for industrial use and so refilling poses no technical difficulty or financial burden unlike other gas based fire suppression systems that use synthetic or blended gas.

Cylinder-Valve Regulated Discharge Pressure

Uses a mechanism that has been patented in USA. The valve on the nitrogen cylinder is fitted with a pressure regulating mechanism. Nitrogen gas is stored at 30 Mpa in the cylinder and can be discharged at constant rate of 10.8 Mpa or less at the cylinder outlet. This functional feature allows the NN100 to utilize typical pressure rating pipes of existing systems such as CO2 gas fire suppression system.

Zero Impact on Visibility

The discharge of nitrogen gas does not cause any problem with visibility since it does not condense in the air on discharge. This allows occupants to access exits without difficultly.

Zero Residue

The NN100 system can be used to protect rooms containing precision instruments or fine art since there is no vaporization of the agent on discharge and therefore no condensation in the air.

Centralised Cylinder Station

Can be designed to cover multiple zones with a single cylinder station containing sufficient agent for the largest zone.

International Recognition

  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL)
  • US Environment Protection Agency (US EPA)
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Safety Center of Japan (FESC)