Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry is one of the most hazardous from fire risk perspective. On an average, every 2 -3 years, a major accident occurs on an offshore or onshore site that results in large scale fatalities. Hence, it is of critical importance that adequate safety measures are provided to ensure the safety of on-site personnel and infrastructure.

Due to wide areas of operation in the oil & gas sector, the fire hazards are also of various types which need specific detection and suppression systems.

Areas to be protected:

  • Onshore Upstream Sector – Onshore drilling rigs
  • Onshore Midstream Sector – Accommodation areas and pipelines
  • Offshore Upstream Sector - Offshore platforms, drill ships, and offshore oil rigs
  • Offshore Midstream Sector - FPSO, LNG carriers, and offshore support and supply vessels
  • Downstream Sector - Production vessels, production platforms, refineries, and petrochemicals.

Kind of protection required:

  • Fire Alarm & Detection System
  • Fire Suppression System
  •        - Powder Based Fire Suppression System
  •        - Water Based Fire Suppression System
  •        - Foam Fire Suppression System
  •        - Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers